Photo booths are being used for fun and entertainment , with the selfie being popular , photo booths are getting popular in weddings, parties and events. Photo booths are available for the events on rental basis but they can cost you around 100-150$ per hour and buying photo booth can cost you thousands of dollars. In this blog we will make raspberry pi photo booth.

Having knowing that , Many developers are working on this to build cheap and affordable photo Booth . I have made a Photo Booth which will cost you around 150$ to build and that is cheap if compare to the other photo booths in the market and also you can customize it.



When you are making something like this , you will find something that is already on your desk . I have used Raspberry pi 3B which is popular and have a large community who can answer if you stuck at somewhere , Along with Pi i have used pi camera , waveshare 7″ Touchscreen and a printer.


The First thing you will need is to boot raspberry pi and you can use noobs or you can install raspbian directly,

After booting you will need to install few libraries and you can install them by opening the shell and writing,

sudo apt-get updgrade

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install python-tk

sudo pip install pillow

sudo pip install picamera

sudo pip install pycups

After installing these libraries setup your printer by reading this. 

Then you can go to start menu > Preferences > Raspberrypi Configuration and then a window will appear click on interfaces and make sure camera is enabled.

Reboot Pi.



Download the code by clicking here,

And run it on python2 IDLE , you are good to go now .


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Raspberry Pi Based Printing Photo booth – High Voltages

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